Man walked like a dog on lead in London (video)


Londoners were somewhat shocked by a very strange scene on Friday morning - as a woman was seen walking a man on a lead like a dog in Farringdon. SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO

The woman looked relaxed as she held a coffee and a purple handbag while taking the man for "walkies" on a pink lead.

The man looked smartly dressed in a shirt and work trousers.

The strange incident occurred at around 10am.

Commuter Ian Jeffery spotted the bizarre incident and posted it on his twitter page. He said: "Did we really just see this outside work? A woman walking a man like a dog on a lead in #Farringdon #London #bizarre."

Another onlooker Eden Nash wrote: "Did I really just see a lady walking a man like a dog on his knees with a leash round his necktie though Farringdon."

Yes, we're confused too.

See the walk that left passersby rather perplexed below:

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