Actor Joal Ong is back and is very sorry over the hacking of his Cloud account

Remember Joal Ong?

Earlier this year, the name Joal Ong has gone viral on forums and on social media, due to a series of leaked sex photos and videos involving famous influencers in Singapore like his ex-girlfriend, Christabel Chua (aka Bellywellyjelly). Yes, it’s spelt with an ‘a’ instead of the usual ‘e’. That’s because Joel is too common a name for a famous influencer who is trending online.

Due to the high profile nature of the leaks, Joal Ong disappeared online and from the entertainment/influencer scene for sometime and practically scrubbed off all digital traces of his existence.

He’s back again now after a long hiatus – to declare he is truly sorry for what transpired via an all-black Instagram post with the following choice words:

“Regarding everything that has transpired over the last few months – I’m very sorry.

I have and again, want to sincerely apologise to everyone involved. I am immensely remorseful to all the people that have been hurt in the process.

To clear up any uncertainties, it was a hacking incident on a default Cloud back up system that I was unaware of. Thankfully, after months of working with the authorities, the hacker has been identified and is facing ongoing investigations, awaiting charges. I would also like to clarify that I did not, and will not ever, share or send personal things to others.

I fell extremely short of how a good person should be. I have since reflected, and am working on bettering myself to hopefully meet the prime examples that were shown to me, and to one day be deserving of the tremendous kindness and forgiveness that I have been given.

Once again, I am sorry.”

To be fair to Joal Ong, what he and his girlfriends did in the privacy of their own bedrooms and behind closed doors is really none of anyone’s business. They did nothing wrong and were clearly the victims of a malicious hacker who leaked the intimate moments of their sex lives to the public, effectively ruining their social lives, if his allegations of the hacking was true.

Hopefully, Joal Ong, Christabel Chua and the rest of the victims will be able to pick themselves up from here, stronger and better. All the best to them.

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