Alec Su to release his first directorial effort

Alec Su to release his first directorial effort

15 Dec – It was revealed that '90s Taiwanese heartthrob Alec Su will be releasing his very first project as a film director soon.

As reported on CRI News, the former singer earlier took the challenge of directing his first movie, "The Left Ear", an adaptation of author Rao Xueman's best-selling novel of the same name.

Reportedly, Alec was one of the new faces that was recruited for a new project launched by film investor Enlight Media - aiming at training fresh filmmakers.

Speaking to the media recently, Alec admitted that he did not plan to become a film director initially.

"When the offer came, I just took it and hoped that I wouldn't let my investors down," he said.

His debut effort was also commended by the author and screenwriter, who said, "When I first saw him, he was squatting against a wall and eating a box of takeaway food. It really surprised me to see such a top star looking like a labour worker."

"The Left Ear" is currently in post production. Starring Oho Ou, Yang Yang, and Sandra Ma, the movie chronicles the life of four teenagers in love - seventeen-year-old introvert Li'er. whose left ear suffers from poor hearing, her crush Xu Ge, his girlfriend Bala, and Bala's real love, Zhang Yang.

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