Alex Williamson: Australian comedian pelted with bottles after starting fight with stand-up heckler

Jacob Stolworthy
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Twitter @browncardigan69 (Twitter @browncardigan69)
Twitter @browncardigan69 (Twitter @browncardigan69)

An Australian comedian found himself embroiled in a brawl after losing his temper with a heckler.

Alex Williamson, a YouTuber whose stage name is Shooter Williamson, was performing in Adelaide last weekend when he was disturbed one too many times.

While usually happy to incorporate heckles into his sets, Williams was rubbed up the wrong way by this particular crowd member.

“I'm glad they're f***Ing dead, so they didn't get to see their son evolve into such a f***ing useless sack of s**t,” he can be heard shouting to the unseen person, presumably referencing their parents.

“My comedy's above your f***ing head, c*** – you're entertained by a glass of alcohol,” he adds.

He then orders the crowd member to |get the f*** out" numerous times.

“Walk the f*** away, c***,” he says, before growing angrier and throwing a kick and a punch in the crowd member's direction.

A video of the fight was posted on Twitter by the account belonging to the popular Brown Cardigan site.

As about five men are forced to leave, they begin pelting Williamson with glass bottles, which can be seen smashing behind him.

Williamson, unhurt, smiles along and continues to shout at them as they leave.

The show was halted and it's unclear whether Williamson was permitted to resume.

This isn't the first time Williamson has had drinks thrown at him.

Earlier this year, he riled up a crowd member after flipping a man's hat off of his head, shouting: “Are you gonna glass me?”

The man then threw his drink at the comedian, which hit him on the head.

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