Alice Dixson: Why I decided not to have kids

Karen Valeza

Having kids may be a priority for other married couples, but not for actress Alice Dixson and her husband Ronnie Miranda.
Alice and Ronnie have been married for 12 years and remaining childless was a decision they both agreed on.
"It's not like I can't have kids. I can still have kids,” Alice clarified to Yahoo! OMG Philippines and members of the press during a set visit of her upcoming new drama series in TV5, “Glamorosa.”
She explained, “Early on, we wanted to wait. We did both want to have kids right away. But after we lived abroad for a long time, na kami lang dalawa, nasanay na kami.”
They live in Canada where Ronnie works as a tech entrepreneur. Alice is in the Philippines temporarily to fulfill her showbiz commitments.
"We decided eventually that we didn't want to have kids and we're happy just the two of us. A lot of people, especially Filipinos, don't really get that's the way we want [it],” Alice said.
She said that she actually likes children, but having her own is not their priority. All her charities are actually for street children and orphanages.
"They have a special place in my heart and I protect kids. But for me to have my own, parang, maybe may mga taong who really want to be a mother,” Alice admitted.
Separation just physical

As she and her husband currently live apart, rumors have swirled that they’ve broken up. But, she clarified, the separation is just physical.
“He actually told me nga na come home na. But I said, I really want to continue doing this. I cannot stay because I made a commitment. So, I have to complete (my contract),” Alice said.
She said Ronnie wanted her home because his company just had a breakthrough. “His company was putting the first gigapixel camera, a 360-degree camera that goes underneath the scoreboard and the first kind in North America,” she said.
She rues being unable to be around to share in her husband’s success.
"It's hard. Mahirap. Like, I love to see his achievements. I'm really proud of him. I wish I could be there,” Alice said.
Trust, love, respect

When asked if she’s worried that her husband might cheat on her while she’s away, she replied, “Hindi mo naman mako-control ang isang tao, right? But I trust him. What he does with that trust, it's up to him.”
Alice shared that they hold on to their trust, love and respect for each other.
“So, respetuhan na lang. He wouldn't let me work here for so long kung wala kaming trust sa isa't isa,” Alice said.
Her role in “Glamorosa” follows her stint in TV5’s “Babaeng Hampaslupa.” In the dramatic new series, Alice shares the small screen with Lorna Tolentino and Zoren Legaspi.
More than ‘Nip/Tuck’

She said she plays a “kontrabida” in the series, a departure from previous roles.
“Glamorosa” is set in the world of cosmetic surgery.
“Sinasabi nila na this show is more like ‘Nip/Tuck,’ Alice said. ”But I beg to disagree because all it did was about pagandahan. Although ‘Glamorosa’ ang title nito, there’s a deeper layer pa about cosmetic surgery, pagandahan; it’s more about the beauty within and you need to discover that….”