Alleged StanChart robber’s friends, family in shock

Alleged bank robber David James Roach. Photo: Nationtv

Friends and family of the alleged Standard Chartered robber David James Roach have expressed shock at his arrest, recalling him as a “great kid” from a “great family” who was well liked in school. 

The Cape Breton Post, a newspaper in Roach’s home town of River Ryan, said in a report that people who know Roach expressed disbelief at the allegations against him. 

Gerald MacDonald, one of Roach’s schoolmates who now lives in Sydney, said, “I don’t believe it to be true, can’t believe it. I don’t trust the justice system in those countries. I think we’ll find out this is a mistake.”

A close friend of the Roach family said, “There was never a bad word to be said about him. He grew up with great parents. He was a nice guy, very smart and athletic.”

Roach is alleged to have robbed a Standard Chartered Bank branch in Holland Village on 7 July. The 26-year-old was arrested by Thai police on 10 July, and is currently being held in an immigration detention centre in Bangkok. 

While Singapore and Thailand do not have an extradition treaty, authorities in both countries are working to bring Roach back to the Republic. Thai police have said that Canadian officials are also trying to bring Roach back to his country. 

Thai authorities are expected to make a decision on whether to extradite Roach to Singapore after Wednesday (20 July), as the country is having a public holiday from now till Wednesday.