Amal Clooney says Russian atrocities in Ukraine have made it a ‘slaughterhouse’

Speaking at a U.N. Security Council meeting on Wednesday, human rights attorney Amal Clooney said Ukraine is a “slaughterhouse” due to the atrocities committed by Russian forces in the country.

Video transcript

AMAL CLOONEY: Because, excellency's, Ukraine is today a slaughterhouse right in the heart of Europe. Putin's aggressive war is so outrageous that even after repeated warnings from the US and Russia's long criminal record, Ukrainians couldn't believe that this could happen. And I still read news headlines, not knowing quite how to process them.

Could it be that thousands of children are being forcibly deported to Russia? Could it be that teenage girls are being raped in the street in front of their family and the neighbors? Was a building that had the word children on it really bombed? And are civilians today in Mariupol systematically being tortured and starved to death? Unfortunately, the answer is yes.