Amazon driver has ‘no idea’ what to do when stowaway pup jumps into her van

An Amazon delivery driver sent out an SOS on TikTok after a four-legged visitor hopped in her truck and commandeered the vehicle. (Well, sorta.)

Amber Girts (@ambergirts), a mom who works for Amazon, was driving her regular route last week when she opened the back door of her truck and watched a large dog climb in.

“Please explain what I’m supposed to do in this situation!” Girts asked her followers as the big furry pup moved from the passenger seat to the driver’s seat. “Like … uh … I don’t know what I’m supposed to do right now!”

In the clip, the fluffy intruder seems utterly unaware that he’s not supposed to be there and even wriggles his butt in place as he settles in.

“You’re very pretty, but you need to get out of my front seat!” Girts tells the dog as he looks back at her adorably.

People quickly jumped in with suggestions on how she should handle things.

“Explain the hours and pay,” one user suggested. “Most likely it’ll get out immediately.”

“Take him to the warehouse and tell them it’s a customer return,” another person suggested.

A few other service workers even jumped in with stories of their own.

“I’m a mailman and a goat got in the back of my truck once,” shared one.

“Worked for FedEx for a few years,” someone else said. “Can confirm customers have said he’s your dog now.”

Ultimately, Girts didn’t have to be the bad guy by kicking her new little friend out.

“I wanted to take him home, but his owner came and got him out,” she wrote in the post caption.

According to, if an off-leash dog approaches you, you should stay calm and examine the dog’s body language. Relaxed ears, an open mouth and a full-body wag of the tail should indicate a happy dog with friendly intentions. Intense body language, such as a closed mouth, forward ears and stiffness, might indicate a scared or aggressive dog that might not react well to being touched. They advise distracting off-leash dogs with treats or putting something between you and the off-leash dog until help arrives.

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