Andhra Pradesh: Special Enforcement Bureau seizes 5,571 litres of ID liquor, arrests 253 persons in a special drive

Special Enforcement Bureau seizes ID liquor(Photo/ANI)
Special Enforcement Bureau seizes ID liquor(Photo/ANI)

Amaravati (Andhra Pradesh) [India], September 16 (ANI): Andhra Pradesh Special Enforcement Bureau (SEB) conducted a special drive against Illicitly Distilled (ID) liquor across the state and seized 5,571 litres of ID liquor and arrested 253 persons.

The SEB in a statement said that 5,571 litres of ID liquor were seized, 2.56 lakh litres of Fermented Jaggery Wash was destroyed, 449 cases were registered and 253 persons were arrested.

"On September 15, Statewide special drive on ID Liquor was conducted by the SEB along with Police after identifying category wise ID Liquor Distillation, Transport and Sale points in which 495 teams participated and checked 736 places and seized 32 vehicles," the statement further reads.

Earlier on September 5, Andhra Pradesh Government has created a specialized agency of Special Enforcement Bureau (SEB) to curb the illegal transportation of liquor in the State. (ANI)