Anita Yuen: "No more period dramas!"

Thomas Ng Jun Tong

30 May – Hong Kong actress Anita Yuen wants to shoot modern drama series rather than period drama, reports MingPao.

Anita, 39, indicated that she has been in talks to participate in a Mainland TV drama. However due to some issues with the terms, they were not able to reach an agreement.

TVB producer Chong Wai Kin was reportedly planning on filming a sequel to the 2009 film "Born Rich" and would cast Anita and also Kenix Kwok as the main female leads.

However, the former Miss Hong Kong bluntly stated that she felt weird when she saw the report, as producer Chong had never contacted her. Afterwards, a TVB staff called her to clarify that the rumour was false and there was no such matter.

Anita clarified: "From what I understand, the series is going to be a period drama. I don't want to film period dramas because there is too much time involved with costume and makeup."

Besides, Anita admitted that she liked to film modern series because of the flexibility in being able to accept other jobs at any time. She also expressed that currently she is not in any talks with TVB on filming any series..

Recently, Anita Yuen was attending the "Sunday Kiss Competition" at Olympian City as a guest judge to help determine which parents and their children look the most similar.

Speaking about her relationship with her son Morton, Anita stated that Morton is closer to her husband Julian Cheung.

Anita also expressed her hopes to have a daughter, as girls are usually closer to their mothers.

Anita laughed and said that she would try hard to have a girl and if she were successful, she will announce it to everyone.