Apple replaces Pepsi as NFL Super Bowl Halftime sponsor

Yahoo Finance's Julie Hyman discusses Apple sponsoring the NFL Super Bowl Halftime show.

Video transcript



JULIE HYMAN: And it's official, Apple Music is replacing Pepsi as the primary sponsor of the National Football League Super Bowl Halftime Show. It'll begin with Super Bowl LVII in February. The Super Bowl, usually the most watched TV event of the year with over 120 million viewers tuning in to this year's show. Though terms of the deal have not been released, it's expected to become a key platform for Apple, which has been a key player in music since it introduced the iPad in 2001.

Apple is also among a number of companies bidding for the NFL's Sunday Ticket. DirecTV's deal expires at the end of this season. And this is part of the-- reportedly, part of the negotiation-- the ongoing negotiations between Apple and the NFL, that is getting this sponsorship deal for the halftime show.