Apply to move to outer space as Mars One opens for applications

The Mars One project is now accepting video applications from members of the public who wish to leave Earth, never to return, and be among the first people to start life on another planet. 

The Dutch Space travel company, which is headed by businessman Bas Lansdorp and is behind the Mars One project, aims to colonize the Red Planet by 2023.

The project is encouraging those who wish to go where no man has ever gone before to submit a video application outlining why they want to take part in the mission. Lansdorp hopes, according to a report on Venture Beat and an interview on, that these video applications will go viral and later be turned into a reality TV show, with people able to vote on their favorite candidates for the mission.

However, traveling to and living on Mars would mean never being able to return to Earth due to the wildly different atmospheres and the effect this would have on the human body should it switch back to Earth's atmosphere.

Potential applicants have until August 31 to complete their application, and the final selection of applicants will be announced in July 2015. Selected candidates will also undergo vigorous forms of testing before embarking on the mission.

To apply to the project see:  

The application fee varies from country to country, with a sliding scale ranging from 5 to 73 dollars based on the GDP of each country.