‘The Apprentice: ONE Championship Edition’ Winner Jessica Ramella Reveals Toughest Experience Behind the Scenes

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Singapore-based Sales Director Jessica Ramella is the winner of the first season of The Apprentice: ONE Championship Edition, and subsequently ONE Championship’s new Chief Of Staff.

Through 13 episodes, fans witnessed Jessica, along with 15 other global candidates, power through incredible physical tasks and weave through intricate business challenges. But as is the case with reality TV shows, what fans didn’t see was everything that happened behind the scenes, when cameras stopped rolling.

“I feel like, on the show, when it comes to the toughest experiences, people only see what happens in the business challenges or what happens in the physical tasks. They forget about, kind of like how the show is also breaking you mentally, spiritually, emotionally, in so many ways,” Jessica said.

“There were so many standout moments.”

Thankfully, candidates had each other to lean on. Despite their constant clashing on the show, some real relationships and friendships formed off-camera.

“The things I remember the most were the quality time I spent with all other candidates. It was amazing to realize that even though we were competitors, we became a family really fast and became friends. We were there for each other. We all understood that at the end of the day, there’s only going to be one person winning but we can’t get there without each other,” Jessica said.

“There would be nights where I would just walk into Monica’s [Millington] room, and Irina [Chadsey] and Monica would be there and I would just collapse, crying. These two strangers that literally have known me for probably like a month, were there to pick up the pieces and comfort me like anyone else would, like a family would. At that moment, we were all that we had so we had to really rely on each other.”

The Apprentice: ONE Championship Edition is touted as the “toughest” in the history of the legendary franchise. Candidates not only had to compete in business challenges, but for the first time ever, participate in rigorous physical tasks that pushed them to the limit.

But the physical tasks weren’t the toughest element of the show, according to Jessica. It was the many sleepless nights that weren’t captured that really drained the contestants.

“Something that I will never forget would be working around three to four in the morning, literally, bodies collapsing in their chairs. We couldn’t keep our eyes open and we would just play the song ‘Zombie’ by the Cranberries full blast. We would all get up and sing and dance just so we could inject a little bit of adrenaline and wake each other up. It worked like a charm,” Jessica said.

“We would always say we were the best performing zombies there are. We just go at it and that would make us feel better, and it gives us 20 more minutes of energy to complete whatever we were doing.”

After the success of its inaugural season, fans eagerly await news of a second season of The Apprentice: ONE Championship Edition. Jessica urges anyone thinking of joining the show to take the leap of faith and audition, as well as prepare both physically and mentally if cast.

“My advice would be to work out and get yourself in really good shape because you’re going to need it. Even if you’re already in really good shape, you need to be at the top of your health. You need to be a strong freaking horse because you’re barely going to get any sleep, you’re barely going to eat. You’re going to be tired,” Jessica said.

“It doesn’t matter if you have a six-pack, if you’re not going to survive the tiredness and the lack of food and water, the actual discomfort, you’re not going to make it. So be ready for that.”