Be afraid: Sneaky office cat is spying on you to make sure you work

It’s always tricky when you want to check Facebook while you’re supposed to be working, especially if your boss is close by.

However, workers in one Japanese company apparently have an altogether cuter - but no less bossy - workplace monitor.

Peering through an empty ceiling light right down on everyone is office cat, whose accusing eyes are a force to be reckoned with.

Twitter user @omocha_no_uma posted photos of the sneaky feline keeping watch on everyone below that were sent to him by a colleague.

Do some work: Office cat was pictured peering through the hole in the ceiling (Twitter/@omocha_no_uma)

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He joked: “Is this a new security camera?

“I don’t think it can record video, but it probably has some sort of facial recognition function.”

The more likely explanation is that this cat has somehow squeezed into somewhere he shouldn’t have and decided to peer down an open hole when he was noticed.

However, no one know if the moggy is a stray or actually an adorable way to stop workers taking cheeky social media breaks.

Top pic: Twitter/@omocha_no_uma