Be independent: Fann Wong spills on secret to 14-year marriage to Christopher Lee

The 52-year-old offers advice on sustaining marriage, emphasising independence and thoughtful gestures

Local actress Fann Wong shares three tips to a lasting relationship. (PHOTO:Instagram/fannaiaiwong)
Local actress Fann Wong shares three tips to a lasting relationship. (PHOTO:Instagram/fannaiaiwong)

One of Singapore’s power celebrity couple is opening up on the secret to a successful marriage.

In a video released last week on the Chinese lifestyle platform Xiaohongshu, local actress Fann Wong dispensed some advice on a successful marriage.

After all, the 52-year-old has been in a 14-year marriage to fellow actor Christopher Lee and if their social media posts are any indication, their relationship is still going strong.

Sharing her thoughts on a marriage, Wong said, “Love isn’t easy. A marriage isn’t done after the wedding. You need both parties to put in effort to manage and invest [in the relationship].”

Independence as the key ingredient

As for the secret to having a successful marriage, Wong reckons that the most important thing is to be independent and be your own person first.

“Even if you don’t have a partner, you can still live life blissfully alone,” she said.

Yet, she clarified that this doesn’t mean you don’t need someone, but rather, you need to have your own life with your own social circle without needing to rely on someone else.

Wong explained, “If two such rich and complete individuals choose to be together, there will be no overreliance between them, no demands, no control, and they can nourish each other.”

Maintaining personal charm and thoughtful gestures

The next thing to note is that no matter how long you’ve been with your spouse, you should never neglect your personal image.

Looking beautiful not only adds to the relationship, but feeling beautiful inside and out can also attract better things and people in life, she pointed out.

Finally, she advised people to continue sharing things about their life with their partner, and to not forget about the little things.

She said, “When your other half is sharing, you have to respond seriously. This way, even if you’ve been together for a long time, you’ll not lose the desire to open up and share.

“And, occasionally prepare some small romantic gestures or surprises for your partner. When celebrating certain events, don’t forget to send a bouquet of flowers, or check out a restaurant together. When you add some fun to a plain and boring life, spending it together becomes more meaningful.”

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