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Stock up your kitchen and save big on Keurig, Calphalon and more

Turn your kitchen into fall cooking headquarters. (Photo: Bed Bath & Beyond)
Turn your kitchen into fall cooking headquarters. (Photo: Bed Bath & Beyond)

Is there a better season for cooking than fall? It’s apple season. Brussels sprouts weather. Pumpkin and potato time. It's also a busy season, with no shortage of things to do and places to be. As we prepare for the flurry of activity, it’s time to get the kitchen ready for busy mornings and family meals. With a little advanced planning, you’ll be set not only for fall, but also for the holiday cooking just after it.

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Here’s a shortcut to a fully prepped kitchen: Bed, Bath & Beyond is offering an unbeatable early fall sale, with some of the lowest prices of the year. Plus, the brand recently introduced their Welcome Rewards program, featuring three tiers with discounts, free shipping and a points system. It's free to join and shoppers earn points on every purchase. For every 5,000 points you'll get $5 in rewards. And now through October 2, you'll get 20% off your entire purchase when you join Welcome Rewards. How's that for a deal?

Get yourself ready now, and the pumpkin pies and roasted vegetables will practically make themselves.

Every knife you'll ever need, plus scissors and a sharpener.
$52 at Bed Bath & Beyond

For the price point, you’ll have a hard time beating this impressive knife set from Our Table. It comes with eighteen handy pieces, all nestled in a compact wooden knife block. The blades are taper ground, which means they are thicker at the top and narrower at the cutting edge for extra, longer lasting sharpness. The triple rivet handles, made from solid resin, make the knives balanced in the hand. At $52, these knives are an unbelievable value. One happy customer reports, “I have more expensive knives and these work just as good if not better.”

Is there anything better than a lifetime warranty?
$170 at Bed Bath & Beyond

This 10-piece Calphalon cookware set comes with a lifetime warranty, so you know it’s going to last… forever. These indestructible pots and pans also make cooking a lot of fun. The three layers of stainless steel distribute heat quickly and evenly, which means omelets, steaks and sautéed veggies come out exactly as they look in the recipe. Throw these pots in the oven, under the broiler or in the dishwasher—they’re made to withstand everything. “I have had this set for 20+ years, cooked thousands of meals, (4 kids and 3 more step-sons) and these pans cook as well as the day I bought them,” raves a reviewer. On sale now for $170, this is the lowest price of the year.

A coffeemaker that customizes every cup.
$200 at Bed Bath & Beyond

In the whirlwind of busy fall mornings, the first order of business is coffee. With this morning-saving Keurig, everyone in the house gets the cup they want, when they want it. The stainless-steel machine comes with three presets that can be customized depending on who’s drinking. A 12-ounce medium brew for mom, an 8-ounce strong brew over ice for dad—it’s all ready in two minutes, with the push of a button. Reviewers are smitten with the options: “Love the quick heat up of the water and the multiple choices of flavour strength!”

Now through October 2, you’ll get a $20 gift card with any Keurig purchase, so you can stock up on a machine that will power you through the season. (Your electronic gift card will be emailed to you once your order has shipped. Limit one gift card per customer.)

A stand mixer with power, looks and dependability.
$250 at Bed Bath & Beyond

We know you’ve been eyeing that stand mixer for a while, waiting for the right moment to pull the trigger. Now’s the time: Sign up for Welcome Rewards and earn 20% off this countertop stunner (bringing it to under $200). Cookie season is mere weeks away — just imagine your holiday baking with this baby doing all the muscle work. The reviews are resoundingly good. “I'm 54 and have never had a stand mixer. I thought I didn't really need it, now I am not sure how I've lived this long without it! I did a lot of research prior to my purchase and settled on this one. It's a quality item, it fits my needs perfectly and I wish I had purchased this a long time ago!” Let’s hear from one more customer, who had to express their love in caps: “POWERFUL, SMOOTH, QUIET AND DEPENDABLE.”

Photo: Bed Bath & Beyond
Hate doing prep work? Meet your new sous chef.
$100 at Bed Bath & Beyond

Sometimes a gadget can change the game, and that’s true of this extremely well-designed food processor. A base that suctions to the counter, a twist-free bowl, a latched lid — these are just a few perks that make this lightweight, one-touch machine a winner. Customers love its size, which is both roomy and compact, and its range of skills. Shred vegetables, slice cheeses, blend pesto and soup and baby food and salsa. Reviewers are experimenting with everything, and they can’t get enough. “My husband and I have used this for almost every meal since we first got it. We made our own hummus the other day so quickly! Slicing carrots took only seconds. I can’t wait to keep using this. It has become an absolute staple for dinner time in our house.”

A reusable bag that goes from microwave to freezer to oven.
$17 at Bed Bath & Beyond

A new season brings new goals, and one of mine is to use less disposable plastic. Stasher bags are a great way to do it, and they come with tricks you won’t find with your regular zip top bags. Pop this bag in the microwave, for example, to make reheating leftovers a breeze. No microwave? This silicone bag can also go in the oven. (And the dishwasher! And the sous vide!) The flat base makes filling up easy and mess-free, and the air-tight seal keeps everything neat. The reviews are brimming with ingenious ideas: use the bags for marinating, for freezing soup bones, for microwaving popcorn, for slow cooking in the oven. Try one, we promise you’ll be a convert.

Read the reviews: you'll end up buying more. Get half off when you choose the autumnal rust color.
$12 at Bed Bath & Beyond

These are the kind of kitchen towels you want to use. Highly absorbent and 100% cotton, they hold up during heavy cooking and clean-up, and look good while doing it. Reviewers report that stains come out beautifully, and they are good for drying hands, spills, and glassware alike. With a plush feel and stylish looks, they are also a hit as presents. “They are large and absorbent and dry quickly. The designs and colors are vibrant and will look good in any kitchen.”

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