Best -- and worst -- airlines for luggage handling

A new report out of the US Department of Transportation has released the best – and worst – airlines for handling your luggage.

The most reliable carrier? Virgin America.

The worst? American Eagle Airlines.

Here are the worst performing airlines in the US when it comes to making sure your luggage arrives with you at your final destination, rated by the number of missing or damaged baggage reports out of 1,000 passengers.

1.     American Eagle Airlines
2.     ExpressJet Airlines
3.     Skywest Airlines
4.     Mesa Airlines
5.     United Airlines
6.     Southwest Airlines
7.     Alaska Airlines
8.     American Airlines
9.     Hawaiian Airlines
10.  Frontier Airlines
11.  US Airways
12.  Delta Air Lines
13.  JetBlue Airways
14.  AirTran Airways
15.  Virgin America