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Birthday girl divides TikTok critics over her outfit to Dave & Buster's: 'Why does it matter to any of you?'

People on the internet love to bash risky fashion choices, and one recent TikTok has apparently served one up on a silver platter.

The clip was shared by a TikTok user named Don (@donsinterludee), who recently celebrated her birthday with friends at a local Dave & Buster’s. In it, Don’s friends line up in front of each other and slowly step out of frame one by one until the birthday girl is finally revealed.

While the rest of the party guests are dressed casually, as you might expect for a night out at a family-friendly restaurant with an arcade, the birthday girl is wearing something pretty unexpected: a bright pink mini-dress with faux diamonds and hot pink feathers.

“When you got a birthday party at Dave and busters at 6 but got a figure skating championship at 7,” one person joked.

“their attire vs yours is INSANE,” added another person, which prompted Don to reply, “i didn’t know they were supposed to look like me.”

Several others simply wrote that they were “confused” by the whole look in general and why she would want to go to a Dave & Buster’s for her birthday in the first place.

“but why would u wear the dress and heels in there,” one person asked.

“girl you cute, but the arcade?” said another.

Despite all the hate, the birthday girl had many people in her corner — especially once commenters pointed out that she’s only 17, which makes a birthday at Dave & Buster’s totally appropriate.

“Dress to impress EVERYWHERE you go,” one person wrote.

“she enjoyed her birthday so why does it matter to any of you?” someone else added.

Others couldn’t help but crack jokes when they came to her defense.

“y’all don’t know if she went to Beyoncé house before the arcade,” one person wrote.

“u realize half of them are in CROCS,” said someone else who wondered why everyone was focusing on the birthday girl’s outfit instead of the guests’.

But the vast majority of commenters simply reminded the teen to ignore the negative comments.

“you’re so beautiful baby don’t listen to nobody!” one person told her.

“Main character!! As u should be since it’s ur bday,” another person declared. “U look amazing girl these ppl in the comments are so over dramatic.”

Based on some of her follow-up posts, it’s clear that Don isn’t letting the backlash get to her. In fact, she even updated her TikTok bio to say, “it’s me, i’m the dave & busters girl.”

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