'Black Ops 2: Revolution' set for January 29

A trailer from "Call of Duty" publisher Activision has confirmed that the first batch of downloadable content for "Black Ops 2," a multiplayer map pack called "Revolution," will be released for Xbox 360 on January 29.

In addition to the five standard maps and one new zombie scenario leaked at the turn of the year, "Revolution" also contains a new game mode.

"Hydro" takes players to Pakistan, "Grind" is based in a skate park in Venice Beach, California, "Downhill" sees action move to an Alpine ski resort in France, while "Mirage" is set in an abandoned luxury resort in China's Gobi desert and players of "Die Rise" finds themselves traversing wrecked skyscrapers somewhere in the Far East.

The new game mode, "Turned," allows players to become the zombies that they had once so willingly fought against; one player is given the task of fending off the rest, while the onrushing horde vie for a chance to fell and then become that lone survivor -- like a horribly lopsided Versus mode in "Left 4 Dead 2" or Beast Mode in "Gears of War 3."

The PC and PlayStation 3 versions of the "Revolution" pack are expected to arrive a month later in February.

Official Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 video - Revolution DLC Map Pack Preview: youtu.be/Ruv2xMLuaoA
Official website: callofduty.com/blackops2