Bling Empire fans are all saying the same thing about the New York series

Bling Empire: New York quietly dropped on Netflix last week, centred around the lavish and luxe lives of wealthy Asian-Americans living in NYC. And while everyone on social media is saying the same thing about Tina Leung, people are also weighing up how the spin-off compares to the original LA-based Bling Empire.

An East Coast version of the OG Bling Empire, the new series follows the likes of Dorothy Wang, Lynn Ban, Blake Abbie, Richard Chang and Stephen and Deborah Hung, as they live their luxury life in New York. There's friendship drama, party chaos and a lot of OTT shopping - leading many on social media to actually prefer the show to the original version.

As one put it, "Bling Empire: New York is so much better than LA. Tina is the best person on the show, and that includes all reality shows. trying to be really hard to be independent, honest, vulnerable, real af."

bling empire fans are all saying the same thing about the new york series

Someone else said, "Bling Empire: New York is soooo much better than the original Bling Empire LA - i’ve been glued to my screen three nights in a row."

A third added, "Bling Empire New York just might be better than the original" while a fourth said, "I actually like Bling Empire New York way better."

While fans patiently wait for news of whether Bling Empire: New York will be renewed for a season two, at least we do have the original show to turn to?

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