Surprising Hidden Causes of Heart Attacks and Strokes

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Written By Mandy Seay For QuickEasyFit

Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are responsible for the deaths of thousands of people each year. CVD lead to heart attacks and strokes which often prove fatal. Even though most of the causes are commonly known, people are still unable to prevent them from occurring. This could be because there are some hidden risk factors not many people are aware of. Knowing about them helps a great deal in reducing the risk for a heart attack or stroke, either of which could be life-threatening. Here are some hidden causes of heart attacks and strokes so you can judge whether you are at risk or not.

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Insufficient Vitamin D

Vitamin D, or the sunshine vitamin as it is called, is an essential nutrient for your body. The foremost source of vitamin D is sunlight. The hype and hoopla around sunlight being bad for the skin has compelled most people to stay indoors or use sun blocks, hats and other accessories to protect themselves. While this does protect their skin, it ends up causing a vitamin D deficiency which almost doubles the risk of having a heart attack or stroke.

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Excessive Television Viewing

There is a term for people who spend most of their free time in front of the television screen: couch potatoes. In addition to the weight gain and lethargy, excessive television viewing could also lead to heart attacks and strokes. People who spend more than four hours a day in front of a screen have a significantly higher risk of suffering from heart problems in the near future.

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Poor Oral Hygiene

Taking care of your oral hygiene not only enhances your appearance but can also fight off CVD. Research has clearly shown that people who suffer from gum diseases have a higher risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke. The reason for this is that the germs and bacteria which caused the gum disease are harmful for your blood vessels. They can do great damage to your veins and arteries, leaving you with a significant chance of having a heart attack. All the more reason to brush and floss your teeth regularly!

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Difficulties during Pregnancy

Women who suffer from pregnancy related complications are at an increased risk of CVD in the future. The symptoms that point to a heart attack or stroke are:

  • Third Trimester Bleeding
  • Diabetes, caused by pregnancy
  • Bearing an exceptionally small child

If any of these symptoms emerge during or after the pregnancy, there is a chance the woman would experience a heart attack or stroke sometime in the coming years.

These are some of the hidden risks and causes of heart attacks and strokes. Take adequate preventive measures to keep yourself safe.

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