Chen Show Mao steps down from law partnership


Chen Show Mao has decided to step down from partnership in his law firm David Polk. (Yahoo! file photo)

Aljunied GRC Member of Parliament Chen Show Mao has announced his decision to step down as a partner in the Davis Polk law firm with effect from this month.

The 50-year-old Workers' Party executive council member said this in a note posted on his Facebook fan page on Friday morning.

"It is quite clear to me that given my new responsibilities as MP I will not be able to continue practicing law the way I have in the last twenty years," he wrote, adding that leaving the firm will give him more time for his family, constituency and country, and "to explore alternative work arrangements".

"Law is in my blood and no doubt it will be part of my life," he added, thanking his partners, colleagues and clients for the experiences he has received over the years practicing with the firm.

The Facebook note published by Chen Show Mao this morning. (Screencap)

Netizens applauded his decision, with Chen's note receiving over 400 likes and more than  100 comments since it was first posted.

User Er Han Koon commented, "Thank you, Mr Chen, for showing us what true sacrifice and honour means."

Shirryn Quek, also wrote, "I salute you for your courage and dedication to Singaporeans. Aljunied residents are so fortunate to have you as their MP."

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