Medical shop owner to contest in SMC?


Prof. Zeng Guoyan is intending to contest in the GE as an independent candidate. (Yahoo! photo/ Fann Sim)

With his grand master-like appearance, Professor Zeng Guoyan exuded an aura of mystery when he appeared at the Elections Department to pick up his nomination form on Thursday.

The owner of a chain of medical shops called Prof. Zeng Medical Centre, Zeng revealed that he will be contesting as an independent candidate come May 7.

"It is better for me to run single. I do not need anybody behind me. I can stand alone on my own feet," said the 57-year-old.

Zeng, who is apparently a retired professor from the Open International University, is not new to Singapore politics. He contested in the Bukit Timah ward in the 1991 General Election under the Workers' Party (WP).

When asked why he left WP, Zeng gave a cryptic response, "Put it this way, in politics, all the crows are black.

"You either run a party for yourself, or for the people. You can only serve one master, not two. A lot of politicians, at the end of the day, end up serving themselves," he added, before clarifying that he was not referring to the people from WP.

Zeng's card, advertising his products. (Yahoo! photo/ Ewen Boey)

Keeping his cards close to his chest, Zeng declined to reveal which constituency he wants to contest, only replying "we will see".

"The opportunity this time is very good. People know an opposition is required. Absolute power corrupts absolutely."

He told reporters that Singapore's high property prices is the main issue he would like to champion.

"Housing is unaffordable. I pity the young people who are unable to buy their own flat. Now, all you can do is 'rent' a flat from the government for 99 years, and that is too much.

"Last time, whatever we touched turned to gold. But now, what you touch, like your COE, ends up being worth zero after a few years," said Zeng.

He indicated that he will behave like a "philosopher" if voted into Parliament, where he will "say one thing and stick to it regardless of time", as opposed to being a "politician" who makes different promises to different people.

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