Tin Pei Ling quits day job to focus on MP duties

Tin Pei Ling announces resignation from Ernst & Young to focus on MP duties. (Yahoo! photo)
Tin Pei Ling announces resignation from Ernst & Young to focus on MP duties. (Yahoo! photo)

Youngest Member of Parliament Tin Pei Ling has quit her day job at Ernst & Young to focus on her duties as an MP.

In a post on her Facebook page on Wednesday, she said, "Yesterday (31 May 2011) marked my last day with Ernst & Young. After long and careful deliberation, I decided to resign from the firm to focus on my responsibilities in MacPherson and Marine Parade GRC."

Pointing to the large number of elderly and poor households in MacPherson, where she has worked the ground for over two months, Tin said, "I feel strongly for them."

"They require and deserve more help and attention, and there is still much that can be done for them."

Said the 27-year-old, whose entry into politics was marked by a flurry of criticism, "I have decided to spend more time on the ground, to better serve the needs of residents, and to implement my plans for MacPherson."

Tin, who earlier rebutted claims that she was given a triple promotion to become a director at the audit firm, said working as a business consultant has been "enriching and meaningful".

Her last held position was as a Senior Consultant. "I deeply appreciate the confidence and opportunities that the firm has given me over the years," she said.

Tin, who is the subject of an ongoing police investigation for reportedly flouting Cooling Off day rules, had been with the company for four years.

She added, "I will consider my longer-term career plans in the future, but fulfilling my duties to the residents of MacPherson will remain my first and utmost priority."

Netizens were quick to react to her decision, with over 190 comments on her Facebook wall alone.

Many applauded her move.

Commenting on her post, Lim Kuan Sai wrote, "As much as I am one of those "anti-TPL", I commend you on your decision. Prove to "us" wrong and I am sure you will be an asset to your team GE2016."

Another Darren Yan wrote, "Ms. Tin. You made a bold and obviously positive decision. All the best to your work over the next 5 years. I hope you'll continue to discern over the comments you receive online... I'm confident you will do well in your new role as a full-time MP."

Ms Tin's decision also created a splash on micro-blogging platform Twitter.

Twitter user @michpalefacelim tweeted, "When I heard "Tin Pei Ling" resigned", my heart sang. Then I heard "...from Ernst & Young".

Another, Christopher Saw (@unseenshadows) tweeted, "Tin Pei Ling resigns. But not from Parliament. Life is full of bitter ironies.

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