#UnderHappy hashtag trends on Twitter as Singaporeans share their woes

Nurul Azliah Aripin
Nurul Azliah Aripin
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Meme by SGAG mocking the recent Workplace Happiness Index, which states that a majority of Singaporeans are Under Happy. (Photo by SGAG)

“Bak Chor Mee came with one less meatball. #Underhappy”

“Boss just bought a Bentley after announcing this year no bonus. #UnderHappy”

Numerous Singaporeans have been posting their woes about living in Singapore all day on Wednesday after local blogger Kinmun Lee (@mrbrown) shared a tweet with the hashtag at 11:36am.

As of 5:30am, the hashtag was still trending at the number one spot on Twitter.

It all began after the Singapore Human Resource Institute and Align Group released the Workplace Happiness Index on Tuesday, stating that the majority of employees in Singapore are “Under Happy”.

According to media reports, local employees in Singapore received a score of 59 out of 100, which falls within the “Under Happy” band (51 to 67). The other two bands are “Unhappy” (0 to 50) and “Happy” (68 to 100).

After the story came out, Lee shared a tweet saying: “News: The nation’s overall wokplace happiness index is 59, which falls into the band “Under Happy”, between “Unhappy” & “Happy” #underhappy”.

From then on, other Singaporeans, including YouTube vlogger Ridhwan Azman shared a tweet with the hashtag.


“Favourite and RT my tweets but never follow me #UnderHappy,” he said.

Even local online trollers SGAG joined in the fun: “Crush held my hand in the cinema last night, she got sweaty palm #UnderHappy”.