Pizza Hut Singapore investigating ‘Pink Fat Lady’ message on kitchen docket

·Nurul Azliah Aripin
A Facebook screen grab of a kitchen docket with a handwritten note describing a customer as "Pink Fat Lady".

Pizza Hut Singapore is currently investigating a mean message written on a kitchen docket.

The topic surfaced in a customer’s post on their Facebook page on Monday.

A customer, known on Facebook as Aili Si, bought two pizzas at the local fast food chain’s Bukit Merah branch on Sunday and was given what she claims to be her “receipt” with a hand-written note describing her as “Pink Fat Lady”.

She posted a photo with the caption: “I don’t think it is nice of your staff to describe me as such on my receipt… As a customer I definitely hope to be treated with basic respect deserved by any others. I hope to receive an apology from the staff and Pizza Hut.”

The post has garnered about 160 shares and over 300 Likes since being posted.

It had also attracted over 170 comments by many who mainly expressed disappointment and shock.

A Shahirah Saad said, “The person who wrote this is really disgusting. It’s extremely unacceptable. Girl, no matter what, you are beautiful.”

A Novem Chea said, “Lacking of basic manners. Very sad to see this kind of standard.”

The restaurant chain sent a reply a day later: “Hi Aili Si, this definitely rocked us in our seats. That should not have happened at all and we feel that we cannot begin to appropriately apologise to you at this point, but we are, indeed, sorry for this. We’re glad you brought this to our attention. Our team is keen on finding out further details of this incident in order to launch an investigation.”

Pizza Hut also posted a public apology to the customer on their page on Monday night, and added: “This incident goes against our corporate values and we do not condone behaviour or actions that offend people.”

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