Video of comical cosplayer goes viral

Though not in your average cosplay getup, a man made waves at Brisbane Supanova 2012.

In a video posted on 11 November, the "big inflatable stick" is seen flailing its "arms"enthusiastically and looking rather silly.

He didn't say a word but still got people around him chuckling.

RayLiehm, the user who posted the video, said, "You know how, outside car yard sales, they'll have those big inflatable stick figure people who flap around? Well, right towards the end of Brisbane Supanova 2012, I ran into this guy. He had everyone in stitches."

As of early evening of 15 November, the 26-second long video had gotten 3,201,892 views and 1,997 comments.

Liehm updated his video post saying, "I honestly can't believe the response to this video so far."

Looks like actions speak louder than words.