Viral video: Lorry driver caught on tape crashing into motorcyclist on PIE

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A reckless lorry driver crashes into a motorcyclist on PIE. (Screengrab)

A three-minute long video of a lorry crashing into a female motorcyclist on a busy expressway has gone viral on local forums and on Facebook.

Uploaded by a driver who witnessed and recorded the entire accident from his in-vehicle camera, the video shows a white lorry tailgating a motorcyclist on the Pan-Island Expressway (PIE) between Eng Neo Avenue and Stevens Road on Friday afternoon.

At about 2:10 minutes into the video, the lorry tries to overtake from the right but clearly barges into the hapless motorcyclist at high-speed.

The impact of the collision sends the motorcycle crashing, as the female rider is flung onto the road. A loud "waah" can be heard as the shocked witness sees the crash unfold right ibefore his eyes.

As he pulls over to the road shoulder to assist the fallen motorcyclist, the in-camera unit continues to record and shows the lorry pull up in front, as the driver -- a slightly chubby Chinese driver -- get out, first walking and then running backwards, presumably to check on the fallen rider.

"I stayed very neutral and looked at this road accident as a mishap where nobody [wanted] it," said Facebook user Liew Yew Leong, who witnessed the accident and posted the video on behalf of a certain Aaron Ng.

According to Liew, the lorry driver showed little remorse as he went back to check up on the injured motorcyclist.

"While waiting for the ambulance and traffic police to come, I took an umbrella to shade the injured motorist who is still lying on the road. The [lorry driver] took over my umbrella ... to shade himself from the sun!" he wrote.

The video, which has been shared nearly 5,000 likes as of Monday morning, has sparked debate among netizens, many of whom said it looked like the lorry driver almost intentionally hit the motorcylist.

Others said the motorcyclist was also partly at fault and should not have road-hogged.

Watch the video below.

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