The blues for Hong Kong singer-actor Andy Hui after boos by wife Sammi Cheng's fans

Sylvia Looi
Neither forgiven nor forgotten — Sammi Cheng's fans booed and jeered Andy Hui when he made an appearance at his wife's concert. — Courtesy of Instagram/andyhuichion

KUALA LUMPUR, July 15 — Fans of Cantopop superstar Sammi Cheng have obviously not forgiven her husband Andy Hui over the cheating scandal with actress Jacqueline Wong.

Three months has done little to heal the pain, as Hui was booed by a group of fans when he turned up to support Cheng in her concert last week.

Quoting Hong Kong media, Oriental Daily reported that fans started booing the celebrity after they spotted him at the concert venue.

The daily reported that on the first day of the concert, Hui, ignoring the jeers from fans, arrived wearing white shirt and black jeans, and made a quick dash into the stadium.

Following the April controversy, Hui had temporarily stopped all work and spent time with Cheng to mend their relationship.

On the eve of the concert, Hui even accompanied Cheng until midnight for her rehearsal.

China Press meanwhile reported that Hui was not seated in the front seat during the concert.

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