Britney Spears Tells Atlantic City Audience She Has 102 Degree Fever During 2018 Concert (FILE)

A 2018 video of Britney Spears saying she had a 102 F fever during a show in Atlantic City has gone viral as Spears is scheduled to testify via Zoom in a Los Angeles court proceeding to address her father’s conservatorship of her finances and career.

Footage captured by Zachary Gordon, who said he took it during Spears’s 2018 Piece of Me tour, shows Spears onstage. According to the New York Times, the footage echoes complaints Spears made about her performance obligations under the court-appointed conservatorship of her father, James P Spears.

“I’m about to pass out, I’m sick,” Britney Spears says in the video. “I have actually an 102 degree fever right now.”

Spears planned to appear in court to address her father’s conservatorship on June 23, with the media reporting the singer’s opposition to the conservatorship, which has seen Jamie Spears running her finances and career since 2008. Credit: Zachary Gordon via Storyful