Bryant Mak dating Charmaine Sheh?

Bryant Mak dating Charmaine Sheh?

3 Feb – Actress Charmaine Sheh has been engaged in a dating rumour after she was spotted in an outing with supporting actor, Bryant Mark.

According to Jayne Stars website, the actress, who broke up with actor Kevin Cheng three years ago, was seen in Tai Hang district of Hong Kong with the "Highs and Lows" actor, sharing an ice cream together.

Several industry insiders alleged that Charmaine and Bryant have been quietly seeing each other for about half a year and are constantly spending time together at a private bar in Wan Chai.

One of the sources reported, "Their families are really close and have known each other for years. She knew him since she was 10-years-old because they have the same godmother. They reconnected after both of them joined TVB and Charmaine really takes care of this 'little brother'".

Despite playing Kate Tsui's mentally challenged brother in "Highs and Lows", the 33-year-old actor actually comes from an extremely wealthy background, with his family involved in the business of manufacturing boats.

However, the actor revealed that "a little brother" is indeed who he is to Charmaine. Bryant, who is four years younger than Charmaine, explained to the media, "Yes, we do have a very close relationship – like elder sister and younger brother. If we are really dating, I will let you guys know!"

In related news, Bryant has also signed a contract with CTI and will play a bigger role in his next series with Felix Wong.