Cango: Aiding in the Mobilization of Lower-Tier Cities in China

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Transportation is a pathway to both convenience and freedom in the modern age. Physical mobility creates opportunities to work, go to school, and increase community quality of life. In China, mainly in lower-tier cities, there are issues revolving around transportation as a whole. Accessibility is a huge issue in terms of automobiles and adequate personal transportation. This is where Cango comes in.

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Into their second decade of business, Cango Inc. (CANG) is a transaction service platform in China that uses communication and key transactional authorities to create a new, all-inclusive cycle of car purchasing Cango connects car dealers, buyers, financial institutions, and any other relevant industry participants to satisfy their individual motives. Headquartered in Shanghai, Cango serves as the largest dealership network in lower-tier cities within the country. The company's services primarily consist of automotive financing facilitation, car trading transactions, and after-market services facilitation, covering the entire automotive transaction value chain and offering pre sale to post-sale services. This wide variation of services offered solidifies the company's overall value to the automotive industry in China.

Helping customers find the correct car and assessing how they will finance their vehicle, all while also maintaining proper communication with financial agencies and car dealerships ensures that everyone's best interests are met. Being able to find a balance between what the customer needs and what will benefit the industry overall can be tricky, but thanks to its competitive advantages in technology and cloud-based infrastructure this just becomes infinitely easier for both the customer and the business professionals. Cango is able to connect its platform participants while bringing them a premium user experience through its expert platform model.

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Cango's platform model puts it in a unique position to add value for its platform participants and business partners as the mobility market in China continues to grow and evolve. Progression is key in the automotive industry. Mobility has a high standard as society grows and expands to set new boundaries for what is capable. In order to ensure that there are constantly new and innovative ideas within a society, each citizen must advance as the country as a whole advances. This is one of the outcomes of the process developed by Cango.

The vision of Cango is to make automotive transactions simpler, easier and more pleasant. This statement, simple yet effective, ties into the theme of accessibility. Making transactions easier by way of simplicity and ease creates the ability for those who are struggling to purchase or fund the purchase of a vehicle to have access to automobiles. Overall, Cango is creating a brand that has the potential to be revolutionary in the lower-tier cities in China. By giving easier access to automobiles and by tying together industries to create a productive chain of people and companies, they are mending together gaps that previously would not have been able to be mended.

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