Cardano Plans to Enhance Privacy Features Onchain Through New Collaboration

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Key Insights:

  • EMURGO and Partisia Blockchain are collaborating to enhance Cardano’s privacy features onchain.

  • Partisia to develop customized smart contracts for Cardano developers.

  • Cardano is keen on securing its blockchain from bad actors.

The Cardano (ADA) blockchain needs privacy features to help individuals live within the ecosystem and spend seamlessly, without fear. Many Cardano users have prioritized privacy on the blockchain’s official forum. One user said, “privacy should be an important issue because it determines Cardano’s values.”

That said, Cardano’s founding body EMURGO is proposing some amendments to further the network’s privacy features with a new partnership. Apparently, its network needs to adapt to the recent rise in competitors and hacks.

In a press release today, the blockchain firm announced a strategic partnership with Partisia, a Layer 1 public blockchain protocol, to help Cardano’s decentralized privacy features onchain.

Through this collaboration, Cardano dApp developers and users would be able to leverage Partisia blockchain’s privacy-preserving zero-knowledge (ZK), multi-party computation. Additionally, Partisia’s team will develop customized smart contracts for Cardano developers.

The first full version of Partisia’s smart contract programming language designed for privacy is expected to debut by the middle of this year.

Cardano could recover from the dip

Recently, the Cardano blockchain doubled down the bug bounty to secure its network from bad actors. The project invited hackers to identify vulnerabilities in the network.

Enhanced privacy features on the Cardano network could fuel the altcoin’s demand. Another bullish catalyst that could drive the ADA price trend, is the rise in the number of active addresses on the blockchain.

According to data from the crypto intelligence platform IntoTheBlock, Cardano recorded a significant increase in onchain activity, with the number of new addresses increasing by 167%.

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