Carina Lau admits husband Tony Leung wants a breakthrough

5 Mar – Carina Lau recently admitted that husband Tony Leung has yet to make his decision about his next film project.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who is still currently managing Tony's career since he departed from Wong Kar Wai's Jettone Films, shared that the actor is currently busy developing his hobbies, from yachting, biking, to water skiing.

When reporters joked that she was so nice to let her artiste go on such a long vacation, she responded lightheartedly, "Yes, he is outrageous! If we rely on him alone, we would be in financial trouble!"

"But as long as he is happy, it's all fine. He is looking for a breakthrough," she added.

Despite his long break, Carina admitted that they have actually received a lot of filming offers, continuously.

"But he wants to rest and find a new direction in his career right now. To be a great actor with a great repertoire in the '90s, it would be difficult to find a breakthrough," she said.

(Photo Source: Carina Lau Instagram)