Cate Blanchett purchased a PS5 to prepare for Borderlands

Cate Blanchett played Borderlands on a PS5 to prepare for the film credit:Bang Showbiz
Cate Blanchett played Borderlands on a PS5 to prepare for the film credit:Bang Showbiz

Cate Blanchett bought a PlayStation 5 to prepare for her part in 'Borderlands'.

The 55-year-old actress stars in the lead role of Lilith in Eli Roth's video game adaptation and explained that she got a gaming console to delve into the virtual world with her husband Andrew Upton.

Speaking to Empire magazine, Cate said: "My thumbs can barely control a phone, but I bought a PS5 and we played each other.

"I wanted to know the limits of the game and what fans loved about the character. I got really absorbed in that whole world. The cosplayers. The YouTube make-up tutorials."

Cate explained that her attraction to "crazy" roles convinced her to join the cast of the flick and also believes that some "Covid madness" contributed to the decision.

The Oscar-winning star said: "The crazy asks are usually the things I gravitate towards; the things I could never conceive of.

"I think there also may have been a little Covid madness – I was spending a lot of time in the garden, using the chainsaw a little too freely. My husband said, 'This film could save your life.'"

Roth has previously claimed that the flick will appeal to both newcomers and "hardcore gamers".

The 52-year-old director said: "You do not have to have played the game to enjoy the film.

"I wanted, you know, 'Fifth Element', 'Raiders of the Lost Ark', something totally fun. Like with 'Tomb Raider' if you didn't play the game you could still enjoy the movie. We've been able to craft a story with all kinds of Easter Eggs for hardcore gamers, but also a movie that's accessible for fans."

Eli also explained how he is looking to direct more than just a "great video game adaptation".

He said: "We want to make a great science-fiction movie.

"We don't just want to make a great video game adaptation. We want it to be a great sci-fi movie period... we want this to be a gateway drug for the non-Borderlands fans."