Catholic Church to parents: Reflect on gay lifestyle depicted in 'Beauty And The Beast'

‘Beauty And The Beast’ actor Josh Gad, who plays LeFou, Disney’s first openly gay character. (PHOTO: AFP)

Parents “must discern and reflect with their children on whether the lifestyle portrayed” in Disney’s live-action “Beauty And The Beast” film is “consonant with the teaching of Christ”, said the Catholic Church in Singapore on Tuesday (14 March).

Referring to the extensive media reports on the movie’s purported “gay moment”, the Church said in a media release that parents need to “explain the implications and the consequences of such a lifestyle for themselves and society”.

On Sunday, a statement posted by Bishop Rennis Ponniah on the St Andrew’s Cathedral website urged the faithful to be mindful of the movie’s “homosexual content”.

“In this new live-action remake of the classic film , the character LeFou is portrayed as gay and a ‘gay moment’ is included in the movie by way of a sub-plot,” noted the bishop.

“Parents are therefore strongly advised to provide guidance to their children about this re-make of Beauty & the Beast, and indeed to their children’s entertainment choices in a rapidly changing age.”

Ponniah added that the Anglican Diocese and the National Council of Churches are working on a fuller advisory that is due in the coming week.

Singapore’s censorship board has given “Beauty And The Beast” a PG rating. The film is set to open here in mid-March.