Cecilia Cheung has a temper

Cecilia Cheung has a temper

30 Jun - Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung is at it again when she and her younger brother clashed with tabloid reporters who had followed them to Zurich, Switzerland from Hong Kong, according to reports by Asian Bite website.

Cheung had gotten onto a taxi at the airport and had been persistent for 30 minutes to get away from the reporters who followed her in a car, after she noticed she was not alone.

A reporter claimed that Cheung's younger brother forced his way to photograph them and swore at them when they tried to videotape Cheung who was still in the taxi while Cheung's manager rushed forward to stop them and agreed to let him interview Cheung if they stopped recording.

However, a pair of police officers arrived before the reporters could have a word with Cheung and arrested them. The reporters alleged that Cheung retaliated and got out of the taxi and started photographing the handcuffed reporters using her mobile phone.

Cheung was reported as saying, "Look at your ugly state, I'll definitely post it on my micro-blog." The reporter defended himself by saying he was just doing his job. Cheung replied harshly saying, "I am also working! Don't I need to work?"

The reporters were taken to a police station for questioning, but were released 30 minutes later. No stranger to the reporters, she previously had a bad run-in with them at an airport in Shenzhen in May, when questioned about her encounter with Edison Chen.