Celebrities attend Deng Kui's ceremony

Celebrities attend Deng Kui's ceremony

9 Jan – Various Taiwanese artistes and celebrity friends attended the farewell ceremony for the famous Taiwan film and television tycoon, Yang Deng Kui.

According to Groove Asia, at the farewell ceremony for Yang, who suffered from a stroke and passed away on 31 December, S.H.E's Ella Chen, made a low-key entrance early in the morning, looking solemn and wearing shades to cover her swollen eyes as a result from crying.

It was known that Ella became acquainted with Deng Kui when she filmed for the movie "Perfect Two".

Meanwhile, Taiwanese veteran host Zhang Xiao Yan could not hold back her tears and broke down when she recalled his efforts to support the younger generation and let them shine in the industry.

It was also revealed that his good friends will be holding a memorial concert on 28 January. Yang's son, Yang Zhong Xian, singer Jody Chiang and many other artistes will also be performing on that day.

Yang Deng Kui was 74.