Singapore celebs such as Ben Kheng and mrbrown join FaceApp challenge to make themselves look older

Teng Yong Ping
Lifestyle Editor
Actor-singer Benjamin Kheng joined a FaceApp challenge to make himself look older in photos. (Photos: Benjamin Kheng/Instagram)

SINGAPORE — By now, you must have seen your friends posting photos of themselves on social media in which their faces have been aged by FaceApp. The photo-editing app previously also spawned viral crazes to change your gender or make yourself look younger.

Celebrities such as the Jonas Brothers have joined the latest “FaceApp challenge”, and local celebrities such as singer-actor Benjamin Kheng and blogger mrbrown have joined in the fun too.

Scroll down to see what our celebrities including Shigga Shay, Cynthia Koh, Sezairi Sezali, Inch Chua, Bobby Tonelli and Allan Wu look like when AI makes them look like old people.

The Sam Willows singer Ben Kheng is not above spoiling his handsome mug with #FaceAppChallenge, posting several modified photos of himself on Instagram and captioning them, “Daddy’s home.”


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Singapore’s “grandfather of bloggers”, mrbrown aka Lee Kin Mun, went ahead and turned himself into a real grandpa:

Channel 8 actress Cynthia Koh thinks she still looks “chio” when she’s old:

Singer Sezairi looks rather ditzy as a grandfather:

Rapper Shigga Shay actually possesses a lot of gravitas as an elderly man:

Old age won’t take away actor and fitness enthusiast Allan Wu’s abs, apparently:

Indie singer-songwriter Inch Chua still has it at 70:

We must say actor Bobby Tonelli still looks cool as hell even after “ageing”:

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