Celebs' tributes to actor Aloysius Pang pour in

Reta Lee
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Aloysius Pang

Actor Aloysius Pang, 28, who was severely injured during a Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) training exercise, has passed away, said the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) in a statement on Wednesday (23 January) night.

Tributes have started to pour in, with many of his friends and fans sharing their heartfelt messages on social media.


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Aloysius’ official Instagram account, which was updated after midnight by his brother Feng Wei Zhe, 32, had this message:

On behalf of our family

Throughout the past few days in the hospital, it has been a difficult time for us. Every news that were brought upon us since his last op was devastating with little signs of hope on his recovery. We all broke down when the medical team spoke to us that his condition is worsening and we should be prepared for the worst. We’re going to lose a brother. And my parents are going to lose their precious son whom is only 28. Thus I seek everybody’s kind understanding that we are unable to comment further during these precarious time.

His girlfriend Jayley Woo also posted an emotional message on her Facebook profile:

To my dearest you,
August 24th is your birthday
January 4th is a special day for us.
On January 24, you left me without an explanation.
Just leave the hand you deserted hard
Why is it so coincidence that my favorite number is number 4
Why do you leave me without mercy
Why are you willing to leave the world
Why are you doing this to me

There’s no blessing in this life when your wife
We have to be couples in life.
I love you. I really love. Love you so much.
Thank you for taking care of these years.
Always love you. Please go all the way.
How many dreams come to me, understand?
And I won’t forgive you for my whole life.
You’ll always be a part of me, my man. 
我们来生见, till death do us apart baby boy.

Jayley Woo. (Photo: Jayley Woo/ Facebook)
Aloysius Pang’s official Instagram. (Photo: @aloypang/Instagram)

His friends from the entertainment industry have started sharing tributes on their personal Instagram accounts, as well.

Seraph Sun’s official Instagram. (Photo: @seraph_sun/ Instagram)
Xubin’s official Instagram. (Photo: xubin_/Instagram)
Jayley Woo’s official Instagram. (Photo: @jiaqiwoo/Instagram)
Tong Bing Yu. (Photo: @tongbingyu/Instagram)
Romeo Tan. (Photo: @romeotan/Instagram)
Chase Tan. (Photo: @chaseetan/Instagram)
Zoe Tay. (Photo: @zoetay10/ Instagram)