Chappell Roan Stops Her Show to Get Candid About Overwhelming Impact of Popstardom | Video

Just days after her Internet-breaking Lady Liberty performance at the Governor’s Ball, Chappell Roan broke down in front of fans at her show in Raleigh, North Carolina.

The rising starlet, who released her debut album “The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess” last September, recently reached new heights in her career with her singles, “Red Wine Supernova,” “Hot to Go!” and “Good Luck, Babe!” However, Roan admitted that rapid success can be overwhelming.

“I just want to be honest with the crowd. I just feel a little off today because I think that my career is just kind of going really fast and it’s really hard to keep up,” the “Midwest Princess” told the crowd Wednesday night. “I’m just being honest that I’m just having a hard time today.”

As fans chanted “We love you” and held up heart hands, the pop star took her time to recoup.

“This is all I’ve ever wanted, it’s just so — it’s just heavy sometimes,” Roan said, holding back tears. “I’m not trying to give you a lesser show. There’s just a lot on my mind.”

The head of the “Pink Pony Club” has been open about her mental health struggles in the past. Roan previously opened up about her journey with bipolar II disorder in a TikTok video in May 2023.

“This job is very difficult for me to process and maintain a healthy life and mindset,” she echoed similar sentiments on her relationship with fame. “Everything is very exciting right now and I’m realizing that success actually makes me quite uncomfortable and self-conscious, and I’m not sure why yet.”

The 26-year-old singer started releasing music in 2017, but she exploded onto the scene after opening for Olivia Rodrigo on the Guts Tour this past spring.

Though her album did not break through upon initial release, Roan’s newest single “Good Luck, Babe!” released in April has steadily climbed the Billboard charts this summer. Her song “Hot to Go!” and its accompanying choreography have subsequently blown up on TikTok, consistently growing her Gen Z fanbase — so much so, that many of the stops on the singer’s Midwest Princess Tour were moved to bigger venues to meet demand.

Ultimately, she is not slowing down anytime soon. Her summer touring schedule is still ramping up, including Pride music festivals, Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza and more.

“Thank you for understanding,” Roan reiterated to her fan.

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