Charleston eatery serving southern cuisine tops list of US dining spots with local, sustainable ethos

Charleston dining institution Husk, which serves distinctly Southern dishes, has been named the shining example of American cuisine in a list of top 100 restaurants that curates the best in local, regional, and sustainable dining.

In the second edition of the “2015 Fresh List” prepared by restaurant rating system Opinionated About Dining, Husk was deemed the restaurant to best represent the F.R.E.S.H. ethos: farm-to-table, regional American, ethnic, sustainable and hospitable cuisine.

Helmed by celebrity chef Sean Brock, known to American TV audiences for his appearances on “The Next Great Chef” and “Iron Chef America,” the restaurant is famously strict about using only local, seasonal products.

Brock’s oft-cited, overriding culinary mission statement: “If it doesn’t come from the South, it’s not coming through the door.”

This rigorous philosophy includes the use of olive oil, which has been “stricken” from the kitchen under this criterion.

Instead, the restaurant brings new and modern interpretations to local ingredients, churning out dishes like sassafraz glazed pork ribs with pickled peaches and “Rev.Taylor butter” beans; house-cured country ham with acorn griddle cakes; and deviled eggs with pickled okra and trout roe.

Husk also satisfies the farm-to-table and sustainable requirements by maintaining a plot of land at an organic farm.

But that’s not where it ends. Thornhill Farm also works with people living with disabilities through a horticultural therapy program.

Brock maintains a parcel of land that grows heirloom seeds and new crops which supplies most of the organic produce for the restaurant.

Meanwhile, menus are updated twice daily. And in an ode to the region’s drinking tradition, the restaurant also stocks 50 types of bourbon.

Overall, the list features restaurants from 11 regions in the country.

Here are the top 10 restaurants:

1. Husk, Charleston, South Carolina
2. Taco Maria, Costa Mesa, California
3. Le Pigeon, Portland, Oregon
4. Ox, Portland, Oregon
5. Eating House, Coral Gables, Florida
6. Rose’s Luxury, Washington DC
7. Fig, Charleston, South Carolina
8. Underbelly, Houston, Texas
9. Bestia, Los Angeles, California
10. Momofuku Ssam Bar, New York City

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