Cheap public transport fares 'popular but not sustainable': Khaw Boon Wan

Nicholas Yong
Assistant News Editor
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    Simon Tan
    Why is everything going up except wages. Transport is essential for workers to go from point A to point B for work. It should be heavily subsidised by the government.
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    j e
    Gov wants no cars and for the public to use only mass transport then the gov needs to greatly improve the system and also not expect it to be self sustaining without gov subsidy.
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    Native Singaporean
    Now the government only came to the sense that public transport fare needs to be adjusted. Why is that so ??? Answer is simple. Our " Artificial Population " created by our ruling government is the cause of it. And now Mr Khaw wants to revise the fare due to overcrowded commuters to get more funding.
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    Juz Me
    so minister's pay is sustainable?
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    If only those people on top & MPs command realistic salary cheap fares are sustainable
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    Today's transportation fares are not cheap but expensive. It depends on whose perspective the fares are viewed. To a guy earning millions $ per year, the fares are very cheap but no so to the mass. Majority of the citizens are earning a fraction of a million/.per year and a large portion of that majority earns a small fraction of a million during their lifetime. Please see the fares from their perspectives and not your's.
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    KBW - "Cheap fares are popular but they are just not sustainable". Exorbitant ministerial salary (highest in the world) + huge bonuses + remuneration package + pension package + enjoying the lowest tax rate in the world + heavily subsidized medical treatments for life for Ministers, their spouses and their wealthy friends are very unpopular but are just VERY SUSTAINABLE!!
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    Of course, it's not sustainable with the $MILLION$ paid to a useless group of ex-SAF officers that running the MRT to ruination, which will now cost $BILLION$ to repair.
    PLUS the $100M$ in ministers salary.
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    Millions paycheck PAP ministers "unpopular AND not sustainable".
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    Whatever fare formula chosen you need to bear in mind that "public transport is an essential service", that it move thousands of productive workers daily to their place of work to contribute to Singapore's economy.
    Now that the physical assets (trains and buses) are acquired by the government, their maintenance, repair and replacement costs should not be featured in the fare formula.
    Only the operation costs (without any profit element) can be included.
    A reasonable fare for the "no-cars" public is the least the government can do.
    Do bear this in mind.