Chechen troops deployed near Sumy Oblast since last winter

Ryzhivka bus stop, 2021
Ryzhivka bus stop, 2021

The Ukrainian military was aware of the presence of Russia’s Chechen troops near Ukraine’s Sumy Oblast since winter, Ukrainian military spokesman Vadym Mysnyk told public broadcaster Suspilne on June 10.

“They mostly cover the [international] border, acting as a second line,” said Mysnyk.

“In the Russian army, they are used as barrier troops; direct assault operations are not typical for them, as experience shows.”

Mysnyk added that Russian sabotage-and-reconnaissance units remain active in Sumy Oblast.

According to him, Ryzhivka is "no man’s land" due to its geographical features. Immediately beyond the fences of some village residents lies the territory of the Russian village of Tyotkino.

“These settlements are right on the border, so we cannot conduct full-scale fire operations due to the presence of civilians,” the official said.

“This makes the settlement ‘no man’s land,’ but it is fully controlled by the [Ukrainian] defense forces.”

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On June 9, Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov claimed that his Akhmat Regiment troops had allegedly occupied Ryzhivka. Local Ukrainian foficials refuted this information, stating that there are no Russian troops in Ryzhivka and that the settlement remains under Ukrainian control.

According to the DeepState map, the village is considered a "gray zone." Due to its proximity to the Russian border, Ukrainian troops have not been stationed there since 2022.

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