Chinese Dota 2 legend Ame cosplays as Honkai: Star Rail's Imbibitor Lunae during stream

Earlier this year, Ame also wowed fans by cosplaying as the Genshin Impact character Childe.

Chinese Dota 2 legend Ame delighted his fans in a recent stream where he played Honkai: Star Rail while cosplaying as Imbibitor Lunae, one of the game's 5-star characters.
Chinese Dota 2 legend Ame delighted his fans in a recent stream where he played Honkai: Star Rail while cosplaying as Imbibitor Lunae, one of the game's 5-star characters.

While Dota 2 and Honkai: Star Rail are two very different games, both titles have been crossing over more than what many would expect in China.

Chinese Dota 2 legend Wang "Ame" Chunyu recently wowed his fans in a stream where he played Honkai: Star Rail while cosplaying as the 5-star character Imbibitor Lunae.

This is not the first time that Ame has cosplayed, as he also posted a video of himself cosplaying as the Genshin Impact character Childe back in January. Both Honkai: Star Rail and Genshin Impact are notably developed by Chinese developer HoYoverse.

Ame seems to have a penchant for cosplaying dashing fan-favourite male characters from HoYoverse games, only fitting for one of the most famous and decorated players in the history of Dota 2.

Ame started his professional career in 2015 and was considered one of the best prodigies to come out of China. Throughout his entire career, he played under the banner of LGD Gaming, one of the biggest esports organisations in China.

Ame is also known by some fans as the "Uncrowned King of Dota 2", as he is arguably the game's best player ever to have not won The International (TI), Dota 2's annual world championship tournament.

Ame finished second at TI twice in TI8 and TI10 in 2018 and 2021, respectively. He also finished third in TI9 in 2019 and fourth in TI7 in 2017.

In TI11, hosted in Singapore in October last year, LGD — then known as PSG.LGD — only managed a 5th-6th place finish after losing to fellow Chinese powerhouse Team Aster in the fourth round of the lower bracket.

Following their disappointing showing at TI11, PSG.LGD announced that Ame had been moved to their inactive roster and as a result missed the entire 2023 Dota Pro Circuit season. After stepping away from competitive play, he has spent much of his time streaming Dota 2 and other games.

However, Ame briefly returned to competition earlier this month to help China win the gold medal for Dota 2 in the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou, China.

Honkai: Star Rail sponsoring TI teams

Aside from Ame streaming Honkai: Star Rail while cosplaying one of its characters, the game has also expanded its influence in the Chinese Dota 2 scene by sponsoring Azure Ray and LGD Gaming in TI 2023, this year's Dota 2 world championship tournament.

Honkai: Star Rail has even promised to give players in its Chinese server free Stellar Jade — an in-game currency used to acquire new characters and equipment — with the amount depending on how well the LGD or Azure Ray will perform in TI 2023.

Chinese Honkai: Star Rail fans will be pleased to know that both teams have made it to TI 2023's Finals Weekend and are guaranteed at least a Top 6 finish.

LGD and Azure Ray will be among the eight teams battling for Dota 2's Aegis of Champions in TI 2023's Finals Weekend, which will be hosted in Seattle's Climate Pledge Arena from 27 to 29 October.

If you're a Dota 2 player intrigued by Honkai: Star Rail after their partnerships with LGD and Azure Ray and want to begin your own interstellar journey, you can check out our beginner's guide to get you familiarised with the game's various systems.

We also have guides on how to build and utilise the game's many colourful characters, such as Seele, Jing Yuan, Silver Wolf, Luocha, Yukong, Blade, Kafka, Imbibitor Lunae, Fu Xuan, and Lynx.

Honkai: Star Rail is currently in version 1.4, which features three new characters in Jingliu, Topaz, and Guinaifen as well as the launch of the game's PlayStation 5 version, among others.

Version 1.5 in mid-November will also see three new characters, namely Huohuo, Argenti, and Hanya.

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