Honkai: Star Rail finally available on the 'ideal platform' PlayStation 5

Developer HoYoverse said that the PS5 is 'an ideal platform' for the game for its ability to deliver enhanced visual effects and a seamless gameplay experience.

Honkai: Star Rail officially launced its PlayStation 5 port on 11 October alongside the release of the game's version 1.4 update. (Photo: HoYoverse)
Honkai: Star Rail officially launced its PlayStation 5 port on 11 October alongside the release of the game's version 1.4 update. (Photo: HoYoverse)

Honkai: Star Rail, the smash-hit space fantasy RPG by Chinese developer HoYoverse, officially launched its PlayStation 5 (PS5) port today (11 October) alongside the release of the game's version 1.4 update.

Honkai: Star Rail was first officially launched back in 26 April on PC and mobile. HoYoverse said in a press release that the PS5 is "an ideal platform" for the game and that the Honkai: Star Rail creative and development teams benefit greatly from the console's exceptional hardware capabilities.

"The PS5 effortlessly achieves native 4K resolution, which helps immerse players in the captivating alien landscapes. Moreover, the game efficiently leverages PS5's robust performance to deliver enhanced visual effects to Trailblazers," added HoYoverse.

Some of the visual enhancements on the PS5 noted by the developer include Volumetric Fog and high-quality renders of water features, which can be seen in areas like the Alchemy Commission and Scalegorge Waterscape in the Xianzhou Luofu.

Aside from the visual enhancements, HoYoverse also said that the PS5's impressive SSD performance ensures swift file loading for smoother and more seamless gameplay experience.

HoYoverse also affirmed their commitment to enhancing Honkai: Star Rail's player experience by developing new content and optimizing existing elements through long-term content updates.

What is Honkai: Star Rail?

Honkai: Star Rail is the latest entry in HoYoverse's Honkai series and is the spiritual successor to Honkai Impact 3rd. This title sees players embark on a grand space fantasy adventure aboard the titular Astral Express as they explore various worlds and meet a colourful cast of characters.

Honkai: Star Rail features a turn-based combat system with playable characters wielding different elements and following a variety of roles, called Paths in-game. Characters are able to wield powerful abilities to aid them in battle and equip relics and Light Cones to enhance their powers.

Honkai: Star Rail also employs a gacha system to give players the opportunity to acquire new characters and equipment using Stellar Jade, an in-game currency players can earn as they play through the game.

If you're interested in beginning your own interstellar journey in Honkai: Star Rail, you can check out our beginner's guide and gacha system guide to get you familiarised with the game's various systems.

We also have guides on how to build and utilise the game's many colourful characters, such as Seele, Jing Yuan, Silver Wolf, Luocha, Yukong, Blade, Kafka, Imbibitor Lunae, Fu Xuan, Lynx, and Jingliu.

Honkai: Star Rail is currently in version 1.4, which sees the debut of three new characters in Jingliu, Topaz, and Guinaifen, that will last until early November. After version 1.4 comes version 1.5, which will also release three new characters in Huohuo, Argenti, and Hanya.

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