Chinese restaurant in Singapore fined $8,000 for selling duck's blood

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    Licence shoukd be removed not just fine cos they can pay...we think we need to send the message that doing business here it must hever endanger life thru illegal food products. There will be more if no serious penalty other than fibe, we do not need a death from consuming bad food to take action. Here wevr reactive...we fune only unless someone is killed eating the illegal food. For the well being of singaporeans, we need to be stricter.! We cannot speak for others as they may like to take risk.
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    How did the duck blood pass our customs check and got into the restaurant hands? How many restaurant in Singapore is “by passing” customs and AVA when they “import” their own food and sell in Singapore?
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    When I was young many years ago, pig blood is readily available in the wet market and eaten after boiling to solidify it.
    It serves as a food supplement for essentials minerals especially iron.
    As we are now more conscious of the health hazards that come with raw meat and raw animals by-products such strict control is necessary to prevent runaway epidemics.
    But I sometimes wonder whether some minor bacteria infection to the human body may be good for it as it conditions the human own immune system to fight bigger battle.
    Important lesson to take away is to make sure all raw "food" are thoroughly cooked before consumption.
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    There are many "China" food in foodcourt, shophouses all by foreign chinese owners.
    so it is very important that we should keep our food clean and safe for our people OR WE MAY SEE THE SAME SCENARIO LIKE TAINTED FOOD, CHEMICALLY INDUCED FOOD in China.
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    Kok Heng
    All hawkers and eating places in Bangkok selling the popular fish maw soup add coagulated pig blood in the soup.
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    It is an offence under Section 377A to drink duck blood or be a duck
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    Wow! Very long never eat this liao. Should be considered exotic food. Long ago, yong tau foo had this item, nice yummy food.
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    We had no problem eating these blood overseas and during the past, why it is still ban?
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    China man...
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    Well done AVA !