Coffeeshop supervisor who embezzled stallholders' payments jailed 6 months

Wan Ting Koh
state courts file photo
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SINGAPORE — As a coffeeshop supervisor, she was supposed to place the proceeds collected from stallholders into a safe deposit box belonging to her employer.

But Chua Ah Gek, who supervised two coffeeshops, misappropriated the monies to pay off loanshark debts.

The 51-year-old Singaporean was sentenced in the State Courts to six months’ jail on Monday (24 June) after pleading guilty to one count of committing criminal breach of trust as a servant.

Chua was employed by Fu Chan F&B Group to supervise two coffeeshops located at Block 134 Jurong Gateway Road and Block 491 Jurong West Avenue. She was responsible for collecting rental payments and cash proceeds from stall tenants and depositing them into the company’s safe.

Between September 2017 and January last year, Chua siphoned $33,213.96. After finding out about the missing monies, the operations manager of the company lodged a police report on 12 January last year.

Chua has since paid $17,944.80 back to the company.

The prosecution sought at least six months’ jail while Chua’s lawyer asked for a term of three months.

The lawyer said that Chua had taken the money to help another person. She did not elaborate on the identity of the person.

For criminal breach of trust as a servant, she may have been jailed up to 15 years, and fined.

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