Crocodile sighting at East Coast Park prompts suspension of water activities

Hannah Teoh
Senior Content Producer
The National Sailing Centre has halted water activities over a crocodile sighting at East Coast Park. (Photo: AP)

A crocodile was reportedly spotted in the water at a construction site in East Coast Park on Monday.

The sighting was first reported by The Straits Times on Tuesday (7 November), and prompted the National Sailing Centre (NSC) to halt all water activities. NParks and the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) will be working together to catch and relocate the reptile.

In a statement sent to Yahoo News Singapore, a spokesperson from the NSC said, “In view of the recent sighting of the crocodile on Monday afternoon, we’ve stepped up measures to ensure the safety of the sailors. We are in close communication with experts and authorities such as NParks, AVA and other relevant government bodies and are adhering to guidelines published by them.

“We have suspended all on-water activities till further notice and will continue to monitor the situation closely. At the same time, we are exploring alternative and temporary activity staging areas. Priority goes to the safety of our participants.”

This is believed to be the first time the NSC has suspended water activities because of a crocodile sighting.

NParks has put up signs near the water to advise the public on what they should do if they encounter a crocodile. Members of the public who need help can call the NParks helpline at 1800-471-7300.

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