‘The Daily Show’: Jon Stewart Says Donald Trump Is “Tripping Over His Own D***” Coming After Joe Biden’s Age

Jon Stewart returned to The Daily Show on Monday, offering “a quick state of play” on the 2024 presidential election.

As the comedian dived into the “incredibly consequential” political showdown, he called out the hypocrisy of Donald Trump attempting to paint Joe Biden as incompetent over his age.

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“I guess the election has basically boiled down to each candidate accusing the other of having soup where there should be brain,” said Stewart.

He showed a video of President Biden at an event, “seemingly staring at what could only be considered ghosts… or out-of-frame paratroopers,” and then “somehow giving the impression someone has just Quantum Leaped into his body”

“And as for Trump, basically it’s Trump tripping over his own dick any time he tries to capitalize on Biden’s age,” said Stewart.

In a video from Turning Point USA, Trump claimed Biden “doesn’t even know what the word inflation means” before recalling his own cognitive test and getting his doctor’s name wrong.

“Well, here’s the problem: the sad thing is, under MAGA law, his name is now Ronny Johnson,” Stewart joked of Dr. Ronny Jackson. “This is the way.”

Stewart went on to skewer Trump for calling Milwaulkee “a horrible city,” as well as Fox News for its increased efforts to fear-monger about crime rates, which are actually down. And while he acknowledged that gun violence remains an issue, Stewart noted that many firearms illegally make their way into liberal cities after being trafficked from red states.

“It’s almost as though Republicans must have a secret plan for this, funded by their billionaires, to flood our cities with illegal, undocumented guns, pouring them over our state borders in the hopes of killing off reliable Democratic voters. The great displacement theory,” said Stewart.

“So, there’s only one real solution. Unfortunately, for the borders of Florida, Georgia and South Carolina, we have to — what’s that word?” he asked before playing a clip from a Trump rally, where the crowd chants, “Build that wall!”

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